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About Spire


Welcome to the Spire-Comic website.



Spire is a new graphic novel created by Pete Lumby (Art) and Rudolf Kremers (Writer).

The first installment is about the plight of paranormally gifted children on an endlessly rising tower simply know as “Spire”. The spire juts out of an ocean on a fantastical world, and is as much a character in the story as the many creatures that inhabit it..

Browse the website for more info and feel free to leave as much feedback as you like!










First Spire Comic Pages Revealed!

posted by Rudolf on 16th December, 2011 | permalink | comment on this

Well this is nice. We have finally have something to show you beyond concept art, as lovely as that may be. Ultimately it needs to be transformed into actual pages, so here is a first glimps at our work in progress so far. The pages need colouring and the style may still need to change a bit. Lettering is also not final, but hopefully you agree it is starting to look mighty fine. :-)

(Click on the thumbnails to see large images)

Page 1

Page 1

Page 1

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or two?


Fresh New Art

posted by Rudolf on 30th September, 2011 | permalink | comment on this

Hello friends!

Spire’s art and story are progressing really well, so it is time for a quick update. I am currently converting a very detailed story arc into a full on screenplay format, which is going nicely. Pete then takes the script I have written so far and converts it into comic art and concept art. It is a bit too early to show actual finished pages (although that will come at some point) but I wanted to share at least some of the concept art he has been doing as it is sooooo nice! So.. here goes. :-)

(Click for a larger version)

Check the concept art section for more good stuff! And please, feel free to comment away :-)



Spire Comic Site Reopens For Business

posted by admin on 29th August, 2011 | permalink | comment on this

Welcome comics friend!

You have found your way to the official website of the graphic novel “Spire“, a joint production by Rudolf Kremers and Pete Lumby.

Spire has seen a false start or two, but with a new team in place and the work progressing well we decided to reboot the site and start to update it again. The blog will feature concept art, articles, news, and anything else that is interesting to post.

Have a look around the website and check out some of our concept art:



There is more is to be found in this concept art section of the website, and over the course of development much more will appear on this site. We have loads of cool stuff lined up so check in regularly. We do like feedback, so please feel free to drop us a line either as a comment on the blog or as an email.

Enjoy your stay!

Rudolf Kremers